Brennan's Conversations

[6] Saurav Pahadia

February 22, 2021 Brennan Colberg Season 1 Episode 6
Brennan's Conversations
[6] Saurav Pahadia
Show Notes

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Things & people mentioned

  1. Ben Laufer, who lies about having blog posts for people to give feedback on to force himself to actually write 
  2. the Amazon Affiliate Program, which I use for money and analytics when I link to products in these descriptions
  3. "The Founder," a Netflix documentary/movie about the founding and scaling of McDonald's
  4. Hack Club, a network of high school coding clubs
  5. TKS, a "training ground for future innovators"
  6. Future Engineers Camp, a startup Saurav made
  7. Teacherly, another startup Saurav made
  8. In-N-Out, a burger chain renowned for quality and (not scale)
  9. Supreme, a brand that limits scale to imply quality